Metria helps you deliver rigorous, differentiated, standards-based instruction.

Metria Learning

After several years of development of a leading edge teacher support application Metria was in desperate need of a UI overhaul and simplification. We went from an interface that was nearly unusable to winning an award for it in a matter of months. 

The UI redesign not only helped their customers use their tool more effectively– it also clarified conversations around Metria’s business goals which made their needed next steps in development crystal clear. 

“Teri has been a huge asset to our team.  She came up to speed quickly on our customer and business, and gave the beta version of our application UI an overhaul that transformed it from functional but clunky to clean and inviting.   After release our application won a national award.  That would not have happened without Teri’s contribution.” – Jeff Thiel, CEO